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Claims complaints

Claims complaints

We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our machines, this does not replace the minimum three year guarantee that you as a customer have by law.

Any defect in an item must be reported as soon as possible, or as soon as the defect should have been discovered, within a reasonable time (2 months).

If you have regretted your purchase, you should make a return, see our return policy here.

If you notice an error on your item, you need to contact us via our contact form which you will find next to the chat. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with complaints in the chat. Contact us with your order number, description and a video of the problem. Warranty and right of complaint only applies on presentation of receipt, for example order number.

In order for Tanrevel to be responsible for the defect in the product, it is required that the defect is original, i.e. it was already there when you bought the product (manufacturing defect). Faults that appear within 6 months are always considered to be original faults, which Tanrevel will fix at no cost to you.

Tanrevel is not responsible for errors that occur due to normal wear and tear. We also do not replace cosmetic defects that may occur during normal use and external influences/wear and tear. Such product defects include, for example, frayed charging cords or rust. Tanrevel is not responsible for errors that occur due to negligence, for example if the error occurs due to failure to follow our cleaning and maintenance instructions.

Apart from our Try it and Love it guarantee on Tanrevel PRO, it is not possible to advertise another product in case of dissatisfaction as we do not offer a satisfaction guarantee for these.

We reserve the right to remedy the fault in the first place, redelivery of the product in the second place and refund in the last place.